change and tranquility

A message from Gateway Church was just what I needed today!  Pastor John Burke elaborated on his series called “How to Kill a Relationship in 30 Days.”  John stressed marriages tend to lose their spark after two years of togetherness.  As humans, we all have unspoken rules relateable to don’t take food that isn’t yours, wash your hands, put your shoes away, replace the toilet paper when empty, etc.  When our significant other fails to meet these expectations we become let down.  At times it is hard to look past the action (as little or big it may be).

Control gets the best of us!  If we learned to be flexible, willing, and able – relationships in our lives could blossom.  We then can let down our guard and appreciate the present.  Even in difficult circumstances.  A flexible foundation will last.  Tranquility is beautiful!  It is a daily goal of mine to let go of control and accept change.  Love like there’s no tomorrow.

Below I’m sharing some photos from my first session with Kimberly.  This light airy atmosphere at Kerbey Lane Villages was enchanting!  Kimberly’s smile should be posted on a magazine cover…  so contagious!  I loved everything about this shoot.  Most of all, I feel extra privileged to meet such wonderful clients!

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